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general FAQ




general FAQ

Is there a free version of ZooKazam?

Yes, there is a free version of ZooKazam. In this version, you have access to one animal from each category. If you wish to unlock more animals, you will be prompted to download the paid version.


Do you need an AR marker to use ZooKazam?

NO! It is no longer necessary to have a physical marker to use the app. ZooKazam includes a feature that allows you to create your own marker using your device camera. You can still use the free markers available for download from our website or ZooKazam also works by using the back of a U.S. $1 bill.


Is there a required OS for ZooKazam?

Yes. ZooKazam is available on your Apple devices for iOS 7.0 or higher, but we recommend using the newest iOS update for optimal performance. ZooKazam is also available on Andriod devices with 5.0 Lollipop or higher.


Do you need WIFI to download ZooKazam?

No, you do not need WIFI to download ZooKazam. However, the app contains a multitude of information so your experience may improve when you are connected to WIFI.


Why should I register with ZooKazam?

By registering with ZooKazam, you are able to instantly share your photos and videos on your social media sites. We love ZooKazamers!


Can I use the app in my classroom?

Absolutely! ZooKazam includes many features that appeal to educators and entertain students. The app is available for volume purchase in the App Store.


Why aren’t my pictures and videos saving anywhere on my device?

Be sure to allow ZooKazam access to your photos. If you deny access or ignore the initial prompt, you risk losing the amazing pictures and videos you create. To fix this, go to your device settings, select ‘Privacy’, and then ‘Photos’. This is where your device remembers the apps that you allow to access your photos. Change the setting for ZooKazam to enjoy and share your photos!



ZooKazam Brings Learning to Life with New Educational App (11/18/2015)

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Atlanta, GA (July 8, 2015) Atlanta-based AR firm blows minds with the release of inaugural project: ZooKazam.

This platform has taken augmented reality to the next level by using virtually realistic content to provide advanced technology at an extremely low cost. The user-friendly interface develops a unique and unforgettable user experience.

A compilation of tech nerds and visual artists, this award-winning team combined powers to produce the most advanced AR platform available for mobile devices. Intended to be educational and engaging, ZooKazam possesses the unique ability to immediately capture and keep the user’s attention.

The app features a selection of more than 45 holographic and interactive animals including dinosaurs, mammals and sea creatures coupled with information and environmental scene selections.

The update currently in production to be released later this summer includes a plethora of features that will improve the app. After already providing the AR experience to consumers without the need for expensive hardware, ZooKazam recently developed a method that completely eliminates the need for a physical target.

After acquiring Zoo Atlanta as their first client, ZooKazam is spreading its story worldwide. Educators around the globe seek ZooKazam for use in the classroom.

Recently featured in a United Kingdom Podcast, ZooKazam’s CEO beamed with optimism and delight for the future of AR technology and development.

Users demonstrated ZooKazam in summer conferences held by the International Society for Technology in Education and Animate 2 Educate, as well as tech camps and tech education meet ups across the nation.

In addition to zoos and educational facilities, the ZooKazam team seeks relationships with large brands such as Coke, Geico and professional athletic organizations to help deliver memorable marketing campaigns.

ZooKazam operates out of Atlanta Tech Village in the heart of Buckhead amid a growing technology empire of the U.S. southeast.

The app is available for download on iTunes and Google Play and works on all Apple and Andriod devices.




Atlanta AR Design Earns 2015 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award

for Mind-Building Excellence

Atlanta, GA (September 1, 2015) – Atlanta AR Design is pleased to announce that ZooKazam has been honored with a 2015 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, a prestigious seal of educational quality, reserved only for the best mind-building media and toys. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and it’s seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills.


ZooKazam is a winner of the Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award in the mobile app category. The Academics’ Choice Advisory Board consists of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University and other reputable educational institutions. Product-appropriate volunteer reviewers, combined with the brainpower of the Board, determine the coveted winners. Entries are judged by category (i.e. mobile app, toy, book, website, magazine, etc.), subject area and grade level, and evaluated based on standardized criteria rooted in constructivist learning theory. The full list of winner is posted online at www.AcademicsChoice.com.


The hundreds of submitted products that are not chosen by the Academics’ Choice Awards team (and may that are chosen) are donated to a variety of worthy charities and other organizations across the globe.


About Academics’ Choice™:


Academics’ Choice™ helps consumers find exceptional brain-boosting material. Academics’ Choice is the only international awards program designed to bring increased recognition to publishers, manufacturers, independent authors and developers that aim to stimulate cognitive development. A volunteer panel of product-appropriate judges, including parents, educators, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, librarians, students and children, evaluate submissions based on educational benefits such as higher-order thinking skills, character building, creative play, durability and originality. Only the genuine “mind-builders” are recognized with the coveted Academics’ Choice Award™.



ZooKazam: Wow! There are 3D animals in my room! (09/29/2014)

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Top 10 Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android

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Bringing Animals & More to Life with Augmented Reality (08/28/2015)

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ZooKazam – The Exciting Augmented Reality Animal App for Kids (08/19/2015)

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Zookazam, the wild animals invade your mobile (08/17/2015)

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ZooKazam makes "Top 100 sites and apps of 2014 (12/17/2014)

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ZooKazam is a hit in Technology Club! (11/13/2014)

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ZooKazam is sponsoring the 2014 Bi Pol AR Expo (10/18/2014)

Join us as we participate in Atlanta Celebrates Photography Month by hosting a unique and harmonious, politically themed event. You've never seen politics go wild quite like this!


ZooKazam wins three awards at the 2014 AMMO Awards (09/16/2014)

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ZooKazam is a great educational tool and a hit in the classroom! (08/02/2014)

Check out how this Techie Teacher used the ZooKazam Zoo Atlanta app to create a project for her students!



Engage Their Minds- Great Minds don’t think Alike (07/18/14)


“ZooKazam is an augmented reality app that will bring creatures to life on your iDevice”   (07/17/14)

ZooKazam receives review from Tropical Post.


ZooKazam spotted by Augmented Reality Trends Blog  ( 07/16/14)

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“ZooKazam is a beautifully  augmented reality app”.   (07/14/14)

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Dikembe Muntombo makes at shout out to Zookazam with an image of his augmented reality Giraffe.   (07/01/14)

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The best just got better!!! Users describe ZooKazam as WOW & AMAZING. Download ZooKazam 4 on your mobile device to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality. ZooKazam is an educational AR app that not only allows you to learn about the animal kingdom, but also to see and virtually interact with the animals. Point your device at one of our “markers" (or make your own using the device camera) and watch your selected animal appear out of thin air in photo realistic 3D animation. Also select the weather icon to change the scenes in your images to snow, sun or rain. Don’t forget to share your creative pictures and videos with us and your friends on social media! @zookazam #zookazam